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Professional Installation

Installation can be done with almost every product we offer. We are fully insured and bonded to professionally install your security system. Rest assured that when your installation is done by Third Eye Global, the work area will be picked up, vacuumed, and all that will be left is a professional and neatly installed video surveillance system.

A professionally installed system ensures that your equipment will be installed to last. No hanging wires everywhere, we'll even remove old wiring if you want. There is nothing worse than reinventing the wheel, because this can be expensive, which is why we label our wires and equipment so that there is no guess work for any future service and thus lowering your overall service costs.

A lot of equipment today is network based. We have many years of networking experience to secure your networked equipment and we will work with your businesses IT department to ensure the equipment we install complies with your IT policies and procedures.

Third Eye Global has nothing to hide and would be happy to explain your installation and all equipment so that you know what your hard earned money has purchased and why.

Entrust Third Eye Global for your security installation needs.

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Although our office is located in Fort Kent, Maine, we service customers throughout Aroostook County and beyond. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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