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Access Control

Intelligent, remote capable door access control systems.

Restrict access to your facility, business or home with an access control system from Third Eye Global. Control who is permitted to enter by having an electronic door lock installed featuring a keypad, proximity card or key fob access reader. We also have solutions with a video interphone system to allow you to see and speak to persons at the door, allowing your receptionist or security personnel to remotely control whom the door unlocks for.

Commercial Applications

Employees, students and essential personnel come and go but do you know when they arrived, which door they entered or exited from? Realize a quick ROI with a managed access control system for your business. Replacing facility locks can be expensive and sometimes is unavoidable when a fired disgruntled employee still has the means to enter the building. Schools can prevent unauthorized access by installing access control at all entrances and assigning proximatey keys to personnel and installing video intercom systems at primary entrances in order to communicate and allow or disallow entry while remaining out of potential harms way. Access control systems today also permit remote operation over an internet connection allowing you complete control.

Residential Applications

Ask yourself these questions: Do you know who has a key to your home, maybe it's the cleaner, contractor, friends or other family members? Of the people who have a key do you know if they made copies of that key or if they lost their key and if so could someone else have it. Traditional methods of residential access control includes using a store bought keypad lock that includes numbers which can be shared easier than making keys. Third Eye Global can install an electronic door strike with a proximity sensor that can not be easily duplicated so that you know the person who entered your home had an authorized key to enter.

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