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Security Systems & Burglar Alarms

24-hour monitored security system and burglar alarm, smoke alarm and flood alarm installation & service.

Don't wait until something happens

Third Eye Global can secure your home or business with a state-of-the-art security system. We have wired and wireless solutions that can be configured to detect intrusion, motion, smoke, carbon monoxide, temperature and flood. Our systems feature 24-hour monitoring that can automatically contact you and the appropriate authorities in the event of an alarm

Commercial Applications

Like many businesses you have inventory, cash registers, safes and a lot of people probably know you have it. Protect your investments including your employees with a monitored burglar alarm system that includes a panic button. With a panic button you can quickly alert autorities of a possible duress without alerting or bringing panic to a pending holdup or other duress situation. Once locked up for the evening feel secure knowing someone is looking out for your you. With our many communication options your security system can be monitored through one or more methods including phone line, cellular or Internet.

Residential Applications

Your home is your castle and all your worldly possessions are kept there. You worked hard for all you have and you deserve to protect it. Protect your family with our many security options including smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detection. Whether you are away from home or simply want to have the piece of mind knowing you are safe inside your home we have a slew of security solutions to fit your needs. You may even qualify for up to 20% off your home owners insurance, contact your insurance provider to see if you qualify.

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