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Home Automation & Control

Automate and control your home while at home or away.

Home Automation

There is a lot more to an automated home than simply switching lights on and off through apps or schedules. A properly setup automated home can perform a sequence of events to make your life a lot simpler.

Imagine coming home and all the following events take place:

  • all your outside lights turn on
  • your home recognizes you and opens the correct garage door
  • your pathway lights to the door are turned on
  • the door unlocks, and your security system disarms
  • as you enter your home your interior lights turn on to your desired brightness
  • your favorite radio station starts to play on the speakers

All these events can be happening while your arms are full of groceries, without a light switch being touched and without fumbling for keys. This is an automated home and it is just the start of all the things that can be done so let your imagination run free.

Home Control

Home control allows you to monitor and control your home while you are home or away. Not sure if your garage door was closed when you are already running late; with a simple app you can check this from anywhere in the world as well as check in on your thermostats, alarm system and security cameras.

When you are home simply tell Alexa that it’s time for dinner and the soothing music over the dinner table starts, the lights dim and the TV can turn off. Home control can be used to simplify your life and reduce the number of switches you have to remember.


There is a lot of planning and thought that goes into designing an automated home and sitting down with us to discuss your needs will help you decide where to start. With an option such as Control 4 you can incorporate Nest, Alexa, AppleTV, ROKU etc. together to allow them to work together in harmony. So expand your horizons beyond simply turning a light on and off and contact us today.

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